Comic Fiesta 2011 !

Havent been updating my blog because my PC broke done due to some virus : (

But anyway! Here's a sneak preview of Comic Fiesta 2011 : D
And if I get the time/get back my pc.
I'll update all the past events : D

Comic Fiesta

DAY 1: Uta no Prince-sama
Me as Ittoki Otoya
Amy as Syo Kurusu
Lydia as Jinguji Ren
Silvia as Natsuki Shinomiya
Belle as Masato Hijirikawa
Xajin as Tokiya Ichinose

Participating in a Group Cosplay Competition : )

Photo by : Alan Chin


DAY 2: Mawaru Penguindrum
Me as Princess of the Crystal
Elaina as Himari Takakura



Photo by: Raz


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