Another Material Hunting Trip :D

As Usual :D
Me & Mi-chan went for Material Hunting today !
Its all dedicated to this year's Comic Fiesta *A*

Was really tiring, but it was greattt fun : )
Gaining new experience is always a part of life OwO

First of all, we went around pudu for a shop that we found out about : )
Its filled with strings, laces and STRINGS, STRINGS, STRINGS. 8D
well of course.... different types of strings, thick , thin, sparkly etc 8D

And we rode the bus to Pasar Seni (the place we've bought our anti holic cosplay material)
but it turns out that the place doesnt really have what we wanted and the shop is going to close down soon D:

Last destination was a LRT trip to Masjid Jamek.
We didnt ate much so we brought some bread along the way 8D

A heaven full of materials to be found there <3

I have to admit, its my first time walking around here XD
Yea I'm a dunno-how-to-use-public-transports-and-stuffs-freak 8D
Depended all on Mi-chan 8D

So bla bla bla : D on to the final point.
The hunting was sucessful and I got what I wanted : )

Leather hurhurhur

Sketchings and random stuffs <3

Yummy materials OwO /

Cant wait to start sewing all these things together *A*/ along with mi-chan's outfit either 8D



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