Nama Choco for Valentines ~ <3

Hey guys *A* ) /
Happy Valentine's Day !

Since I dont have any pro baking tools like oven 8D
I decided to make Nama Choco <3
Thanks to Ochikeron, her videos really helped me *A*
And she makes a lot of CUTEEE stuffs : D
Do check her out and subcribe to her *A* ) b

Folded some boxes <3

The best part 8D Le mixing .


Le put chocolate in its home sweet home :D

After leaving the chocolate to set in the fridge for an hour...

Le chop into pieces :D

Le fill up and decorate <3 AND DONE *A* ) /


You should try to : D It's easy and fun !
And those who are single, you can still celebrate Valentine's day with friends and family like me 8D it doesnt have to be with soulmate 8D


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Comic Fiesta 2011 !

Havent been updating my blog because my PC broke done due to some virus : (

But anyway! Here's a sneak preview of Comic Fiesta 2011 : D
And if I get the time/get back my pc.
I'll update all the past events : D

Comic Fiesta

DAY 1: Uta no Prince-sama
Me as Ittoki Otoya
Amy as Syo Kurusu
Lydia as Jinguji Ren
Silvia as Natsuki Shinomiya
Belle as Masato Hijirikawa
Xajin as Tokiya Ichinose

Participating in a Group Cosplay Competition : )

Photo by : Alan Chin


DAY 2: Mawaru Penguindrum
Me as Princess of the Crystal
Elaina as Himari Takakura



Photo by: Raz


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Amateur Guide : Lion Bento

  • 2011-11-16(水)
  • Guide
Its never too hard to make a Bento : )

But it turns out that my Bento looked a bit messy because I rushed it : O
since school starts at 7.20am. D: I gotta rush this within an hour Q A Q
I'll find some more time to make another bento : )

And here you go OwO /
An Amateur guide to making a bento XD

This is what I made : O

Starting with ( A ) : The Heart Shape HotDog :D
The one in the picture looks really ugly Q A Q I over-fried it GAHH.

You just need to get those short Hot Dogs, or use both ends of a normal Hot Dog.
And cut them in a slanted way : ) (Make sure it is very slanted, well, not too slanted 8D)
and flip the other HotDog to make a Heart Shape : )

* If you wonder how I stick those two hot dogs together : ) I used a fried pasta (which is hard and stiff ) to join them : )

( B ) : Flower-Shaped Carrot :D
Like what you see from the picture above 8D just CUT IT 8D according to the blue dotted lines LOL : )

( C ) : Cheese Lion
Like what you see from the picture above again xD
I used cheese of two different colors to make this : )
And I cut a pattern out from the darker cheese (Refer to Black Line) to make it look more like a LION 8D RAWR

I used seaweed to create the eyes : )
If its hard for you to cut it.
I recommend you to draw the shape on a tracing paper or baking paper.
Then place is on top of the seaweed as a cutting guideline : )

( D ) : Firework Egg 8D
Break those eggs and mix them until they look all yellowish 8D
and fry them 8D!

After that. Flip it into half and just cut accordingly like the picture above and slot it into ur Bento :D !
Make sure it has a tight space to fit it in so it can stand up like mine : O

( E ) : Firework... uh.. hotdog too? OAO

Well this is easy . OAO ....
You know what I mean. LOL 8D

And now you are ready to eat : O OMNOMNOM

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Makeup Testing !

I blame someone for pulling me down the sewer D8 LOL

I wasnt supposed to do this but well.. uh.... you know, those temptation 8D
I am supposed to update blogs from 4 weeks ago OAO .
Well I'll do that later ... 8D

I tried doing Kazamori Sasa's makeup today from the Anime Un-Go


So here's some pictures ////

And a little comparison :O

Geez, I wish my nose were smaller : (
(That ... picture is wrong B | )


 by Kiwiman
forget the wish for a smaller nose - you are gorgeous looking
Re: No title by Rin ✿ Sakura
> forget the wish for a smaller nose - you are gorgeous looking

d'aaaw thanks =\w\=


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Another Material Hunting Trip :D

As Usual :D
Me & Mi-chan went for Material Hunting today !
Its all dedicated to this year's Comic Fiesta *A*

Was really tiring, but it was greattt fun : )
Gaining new experience is always a part of life OwO

First of all, we went around pudu for a shop that we found out about : )
Its filled with strings, laces and STRINGS, STRINGS, STRINGS. 8D
well of course.... different types of strings, thick , thin, sparkly etc 8D

And we rode the bus to Pasar Seni (the place we've bought our anti holic cosplay material)
but it turns out that the place doesnt really have what we wanted and the shop is going to close down soon D:

Last destination was a LRT trip to Masjid Jamek.
We didnt ate much so we brought some bread along the way 8D

A heaven full of materials to be found there <3

I have to admit, its my first time walking around here XD
Yea I'm a dunno-how-to-use-public-transports-and-stuffs-freak 8D
Depended all on Mi-chan 8D

So bla bla bla : D on to the final point.
The hunting was sucessful and I got what I wanted : )

Leather hurhurhur

Sketchings and random stuffs <3

Yummy materials OwO /

Cant wait to start sewing all these things together *A*/ along with mi-chan's outfit either 8D



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